Some time ago I realized that my sporadic ventures in to the Bible weren’t quite getting me to where I needed to be. My daily devotional was meaningful, but it jumped all around, giving me very little in the way of a whole picture. Yet I had never been successful in an attempt to read the entire Bible, finding that reading large portions usually didn’t give me much insight. So I decided to mix the two, reading a passage or two from the New Testament each night, in order, and journaling about what I had read and learned. By keeping the reading small I could catch more of the insight and meaning that I had otherwise missed.

But I didn’t keep up with it very well. I got through about eight chapters of Matthew before life caught up and it got pushed to the back burner.

This weekend at church God convicted me to start my project again. I need to spend time in His word each day, as we all do. And as I was looking back on my previous writings, He convicted me to share my thoughts. So here I am.

There are two reasons I felt convicted to share this project. The first is that occasionally I surprise myself write things that are more insightful than I would come up with on my own, and that help me understand scripture on a deeper level. Now, by no means should you consider me a Biblical expert, or take anything I say as law, but I do believe that from time to time God puts thoughtful and important things in my head. And I think it would be wrong to keep them to myself.

The second is that I hope putting this project on the internet where people can see it might help to hold me accountable. If I miss a day hopefully I won’t give up completely, knowing that anyone could look and see that I stopped.

My goal is to get all the way through the gospels, though with how little I read a day that may take some time! If that goes successfully, I may try to finish the New Testament completely. Please note that all Bible verses and passages will be in the New Revised Standard translation. Not because I think that’s the end-all-be-all of translations (although I am Methodist, and I think that’s the official translation of the Methodist church), but because that happens to be the translation of my Bible at home. I also enjoy the New International Version, the New King James Version, and others.


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  1. jacqui says:

    This is a great project ….. I too have a project similiar to yours but I do it on audio…. I’m doing the Book of Proverbs at this time….. it is indeed a challenge but I hope you will find true blessings as I have done. jacqui x


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